Exchange 2010/2013 Helpful scripts

This sets your inside/outside and auto-discover URLs to the same address so you can buy a single domain SSL for your exchange server. $FQDN = Read-Host -Prompt ‘’ Get-webservicesVirtualDirectory | Set-webservicesVirtualDirectory –ExternalUrl https://$FQDN/Ews/Exchange.asmx –InternalUrl https://$FQDN/Ews/Exchange.asmx Get-OabVirtualDirectory | Set-OabVirtualDirectory –ExternalUrl https://$FQDN/Oab –InternalUrl https://$FQDN/Oab Get-EcpVirtualDirectory | Set-EcpVirtualDirectory –ExternalUrl https://$FQDN/Ecp –InternalUrl https://$FQDN/Ecp Get-OwaVirtualDirectory | Set-OwaVirtualDirectory –ExternalUrl https://$FQDN/Owa –InternalUrl https://$FQDN/Owa Get-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory | Set-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory -ExternalUrl Continue reading Exchange 2010/2013 Helpful scripts

FCrDNS Reverse Pointer ISP Email Addresses

Hey Random Readers, if you found this you’re trying to establish reverse dns or PTR Records with your ISP, GREAT! Here’s the email addresses for Comcast and Verizon, if you have some you would like to contribute to this list please feel free to email me via the contact-us page. Verizon DSL and Fios – business-support[at]verizonbusiness[dot]com Comcast Cable – CHQ–Enterprise_Technical_Support[at]cable[dot]comcast[dot]com

Why your email system is broken after switching to office365

Hey Random User So you decided to go cloud*, Great! but what does this mean for your email? Well for one, your outbound email no longer comes from your business’s public IP address pool, but a massive pool of email gateways spread across the globe. (50,688 authorized individual IPv4 addresses). Email messages bounce across multiple private and public servers, to Continue reading Why your email system is broken after switching to office365

Exchange 2013 Sender Callout FIX

For those having issues with Sender callout, the easiest thing to do (if you are protected behind a spam filter like I am) is to move the receive connector to the HubTransport role from the FrontendTransport role. $ReceiveConnector = “Default Frontend $env:computername” Set-ReceiveConnector -TransportRole HubTransport -Identity $ReceiveConnector