Not all technical blog posts are created equal.

The internet is the second source of opinions (first being Politicians). But what does that have to do with Technical Blogs? Recently I embarked on a security focused project of adding 2 Factor authentication to the some network authentication systems at work.  A few google searches later and you’ll find a bunch of results for ‘How to configure Radius with Google Continue reading Not all technical blog posts are created equal.

Using Git on Windows

As of this week I’m officially working as a Sr. Systems Engineer in DevOps! What a blast, I get to work with some of the most intelligent people with a vast range of experience and knowledge. I’ve spent a ton of time already using Git to actually commit and push changes (how they do configuration management) which I find ingenious Continue reading Using Git on Windows

Dev Apache Re-Write for www domain

So many times we need to make copies of our site to dev, but having to manipulate the code/hostname/vhost etc every damn time or setting up .hosts files to point to the dev IP is a pain to say the least. So here’s my solution for apache2, make all www. addresses convert to dev. addresses, now I can browse my Continue reading Dev Apache Re-Write for www domain