How to get an ‘A’ on your OWA Security scans in 3 steps!

Step 1) Download Nartac for IIS Step 2) Run and select Best Practices (Disables SSLv2/SSLv3) Step 3) Reboot That’s it, if you want the long and hard way, follow this technet article. What does this tool do? It makes registry changes to your schannel which applies to all TLS channels, either HTTPS, SMTPS, or STARTTLS (others if you have them)  

Deprecated: Anycast-301

as of 9/1/2019 (and earlier due to vendor support), this service is not longer available, I would highly recommend using google domains’ synthetic records to perform these tasks. Thank you for using my Anycast 301-www, all this IP Does is redirect users to here (if you enter the naked IP) or to the www.$domain of your domain. Why you ask? Continue reading Deprecated: Anycast-301