Deprecated: Anycast-301

as of 9/1/2019 (and earlier due to vendor support), this service is not longer available, I would highly recommend using google domains’ synthetic records to perform these tasks. Thank you for using my Anycast 301-www, all this IP Does is redirect users to here (if you enter the naked IP) or to the www.$domain of your domain. Why you ask? Continue reading Deprecated: Anycast-301

Dev Apache Re-Write for www domain

So many times we need to make copies of our site to dev, but having to manipulate the code/hostname/vhost etc every damn time or setting up .hosts files to point to the dev IP is a pain to say the least. So here’s my solution for apache2, make all www. addresses convert to dev. addresses, now I can browse my Continue reading Dev Apache Re-Write for www domain

FCrDNS Reverse Pointer ISP Email Addresses

Hey Random Readers, if you found this you’re trying to establish reverse dns or PTR Records with your ISP, GREAT! Here’s the email addresses for Comcast and Verizon, if you have some you would like to contribute to this list please feel free to email me via the contact-us page. Verizon DSL and Fios – business-support[at]verizonbusiness[dot]com Comcast Cable – CHQ–Enterprise_Technical_Support[at]cable[dot]comcast[dot]com

Cut down on Fail2Ban occourances with GeoIP Filtering

Fail2ban is a great way to protect your system but one way to easily cut down on brute-force attempts is to mitigate the area in which users can access those ports. For me, I do not need international calling, so I will be blocking all NON-US Subnets. Specifically for FreePBX (CENTOS) yum install kernel-devel-`uname -r` iptables-devel kernel-headers-`uname -r` rpm -Uvh Continue reading Cut down on Fail2Ban occourances with GeoIP Filtering