ZellePay QR Code Creation

Of all the mobile cash payments, Zelle is unfortunately the one the ‘banks’ have decided to integrate with, this however has cause me a few headaches. Can’t use my Google-Voice number, which has caused delays receiving Cash QR Code generation (at least at my bank) doesn’t have a save or export option!? Well bullet #2 finally solved, by some low-tech Continue reading ZellePay QR Code Creation

Success! QNAP Upgrade Complete!

After much debate, I decided to wait for those Black Friday Deals ($400/12TB Ironwolf) and upgrade my entire nas with 100% new drives. For almost a year, I’ve been getting closer to filling my 8 bay NAS array, currenly full of 2TB drives ranging from Greens to Blacks and whatever I had available, some of the drives as old as Continue reading Success! QNAP Upgrade Complete!

Quick update, Datanauts and Brotli?

Today I had the privilege in speaking on one of my most passionate topics, email! What was even more fun, is it was with the Datanauts crew! So that’s exciting and will be dropping in a few short weeks. I also came across another google compression system, last week was geutzli, this week it’s brotli. while geutzli is all about Continue reading Quick update, Datanauts and Brotli?

My first Ansible-Galaxy role!

Since I started working in DevOps, ansible has been a key system to deploy and maintain systems and applications. One of the first systems I converted is now available for download on the ansible-galaxy. This site is a great place to get pre-made scripts to deploy solutions. So what does it do? It configures a list of raspberry pi’s to Continue reading My first Ansible-Galaxy role!

Welcoming Disqus

After toying with a ton of comments plugins, I’ve decided to go with Disqus.  I’ve use it for a few other technical blogs and it seems to do everything I could want. Feel free to comment, ask questions, or give critical feedback.  I’ll be sure to censor your input as it suits me.