Deprecated: Anycast-301

as of 9/1/2019 (and earlier due to vendor support), this service is not longer available, I would highly recommend using google domains’ synthetic records to perform these tasks.

Thank you for using my Anycast 301-www, all this IP Does is redirect users to here (if you enter the naked IP) or to the www.$domain of your domain.

Why you ask? Because 3rd party CDN’s and other hosting companies want you to point your domain to a CNAME, you can’t CNAME your root domain ( So you can now do this instead.

@ IN A; 301 service

Simply point your naked domain to my anycast IP of and I will redirect your user via 301 to

@ IN A

If you’d like to help support my efforts, BeerME (donate)

If you’re curious who else uses this service, check the bots!

Anycast uses BGP Routing to broadcast the IP address in multiple datacenters, so you’ll automatically route to the nearest one!


6 Replies to “Deprecated: Anycast-301”

  1. Your BeerMe link does not seem to be working. Wrong DNS configuration maybe ? ;D
    This forwarding service works like a charm. Is it supposed to be stable in the long term? If it ever stops working, what do you suggest we do?

    Thanks for your help. It’s very much appreciated.

    • DOH! Yeah I ran out of resource records on my google domains account, I’ll update the post with a donate button.

      I have zero intentions on dropping this service, as long as my upstream provider provides the service to me. In the event I am no longer able to host, I would email the [email protected] that the 301 service is going away. At some point I would like to have the option for users to enable HSTS Subdomain Preload and SSL with Letsencrypt, but not at this time.

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