Not all technical blog posts are created equal.

The internet is the secondĀ source of opinions (first being Politicians). But what does that have to do with Technical Blogs? Recently I embarked on a security focused project of adding 2 Factor authentication to the some network authentication systems at work. Ā A few google searches later and you’ll find a bunch of results for ‘How to configure Radius with Google Continue reading Not all technical blog posts are created equal.

HTTP2 without ALPN is not quite HTTP2

So followup post, I was having some issues with http2 browser support since I was missing ALPN, so after a lot of trial and error, here’s what I ended up with. Partially followed with a few differences. I installed openssl1.0.2h from this ppa: And then used nginx 1.11.1 from and also grabbed the headers-more-nginx-module-0.30 and ngx_pagespeed-master off Continue reading HTTP2 without ALPN is not quite HTTP2

My first Ansible-Galaxy role!

Since I started working in DevOps, ansible has been a key system to deploy and maintain systems and applications. One of the first systems I converted is now available for download on the ansible-galaxy. This site is a great place to get pre-made scripts to deploy solutions. So what does it do? It configures a list of raspberry pi’s to Continue reading My first Ansible-Galaxy role!