IPv6 Only (Lonely)

So if you were to connect to www.jacobdevans.com via IPv6 you likely also have IPv4 connectivity, or if you connect via IPv4 you may or may not have IPv6. But what about IPv6 ONLY Clients, can you load the site?

Well Yes Actually, you can load ths site via IPv6 only, but here’s what you’ll lose.

  1. Serverfault.com: at the right of the page in my little sidebar I have some serverfault flair that shows my score, but serverfault is IPv4 only at this time, so that’ll just be a blank box where the image went.
  2. gravatar.com, also IPv4 only…so no pretty user icons for you
  3. paypal.com and it’s contents, also missing!  I can’t take donations from IPv6 clients, I guess you’ll have to send a check.
  4. disqus.com: so no chat, we can’t even talk about the fact that you can’t comment on my post.

But that’s it, all the css, js, images, and everything else is loading direct, secure, and over HTTPS & HTTP/2 via IPv6, the only other external server I really use is google fonts and well, google.

I hope webpagetest adds support for testing IPv6 only, I’d ask you to head over to github and +1 the issue BUT that’s IPv4 only as well.


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