My first Ansible-Galaxy role!

Since I started working in DevOps, ansible has been a key system to deploy and maintain systems and applications. One of the first systems I converted is now available for download on the ansible-galaxy. This site is a great place to get pre-made scripts to deploy solutions.

So what does it do? It configures a list of raspberry pi’s to play a list of videos (one per pi/screen) for demonstrations, office foyers, conference rooms, showrooms, or even billboards.

What you would need to do first, is install ansible. You can do this with apt-get/yum but I recommend pip.

Once you have ansible installed, you can install my role with ansible-galaxy install JacobDEvansConsulting.pi-omxplayer

Then create a playbook and use my role! Enjoy!

Check it out here on the ansible-galaxy

Feature requests can be made on github, comments welcome here!

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