Success! QNAP Upgrade Complete!

After much debate, I decided to wait for those Black Friday Deals ($400/12TB Ironwolf) and upgrade my entire nas with 100% new drives.

For almost a year, I’ve been getting closer to filling my 8 bay NAS array, currenly full of 2TB drives ranging from Greens to Blacks and whatever I had available, some of the drives as old as 7 years! (only lost 2 drives in that time too)

Having 10TB of data, I was able to backup the ENTIRE 8BAY NAS ONTO ONE DISK! Holy SH*T.

nicely, qnap lets me do an rsync, so here was my process:

  1. rsync my data
  2. wait 3-4 days
  3. remove all 8 drives, label them and set them aside for emergency restore.
  4. mount and insert (3) new 12TB Drives (raid5, I’m aware)
  5. run this little script `/etc/init.d/` (may not be needed, but one of my 12tb drives had accidently loaded the raid config …tried something else)
  6. restore folder structure, restore databases, resetup shares.
  7. rsync my data back (in order of importance, like this website!)
  8. wait 3-4 days
  9. Enjoy 8TB of free space!!! (from 2TBx8 = 11TB to 12TBx3 = 21TB)

I was able to retain a lot of my settings, user accounts, etc.  But to be honest, I mostly use my qnap for a basic NFS Mount, nothing special.

Additional Note:

3 of my original RAID drives survived 8+ years.


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