Website Moved home

Recently moved my website from my work servers to my personal qnap at home, since cloudflare supports cname I can send all the traffic to cloudflare, always give a response (even if my home network is down) and auto update when my IP changes, All of which excites me. Plus I can get some security as I could firewall off outside IPs to only be CF-Nets, however I don’t see that being necessary yet.

I was also able to easily upgrade from php 5.3 to php 5.5 with a qpkg, which makes me happy.

One thing I did differently, cloudlinux wants me to host my DNS with the, but I like some of the features I have with Google Domains, so I did NS records for my domain instead of the root I’m also using my anycast 301 for the, which has been working very well.

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