Thank you for using my Anycast 301-www, all this IP Does is redirect users to here (if you enter the naked IP) or to the www.$domain of your domain.

Why you ask? Because 3rd party CDN’s and other hosting companies want you to point your domain to a CNAME, you can’t CNAME your root domain ( So you can now do this instead.

@ IN A; 301 service

Simply point your naked domain to my anycast IP of and I will redirect your user via 301 to

@ IN A

If you’d like to help support my efforts, BeerME (donate)

If you’re curious who else uses this service, check the bots!

Anycast uses BGP Routing to broadcast the IP address in multiple¬†datacenters, so you’ll automatically route to the nearest one!


6 Replies to “Anycast-301”

  1. Your BeerMe link does not seem to be working. Wrong DNS configuration maybe ? ;D
    This forwarding service works like a charm. Is it supposed to be stable in the long term? If it ever stops working, what do you suggest we do?

    Thanks for your help. It’s very much appreciated.

    • DOH! Yeah I ran out of resource records on my google domains account, I’ll update the post with a donate button.

      I have zero intentions on dropping this service, as long as my upstream provider provides the service to me. In the event I am no longer able to host, I would email the that the 301 service is going away. At some point I would like to have the option for users to enable HSTS Subdomain Preload and SSL with Letsencrypt, but not at this time.

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